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“Hi” in 60 Seconds!

This is the story of how LISA MILLS turned her passion for teaching sign language into a thriving online business where she now helps thousands of students around the world sign sooner, with greater confidence. [60 second video coming soon]

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Hey there, I’m Lisa Mills. 

An entrepreneur, qualified teacher, author, deaf actress, and busy mum of two dedicated to helping you improve your communication skills and connect with others through sign language.

A deaf Australian from birth and married to a British deaf man, I am trilingual in spoken English / Auslan & British Sign Language.  

I’m passionate about spreading deaf awareness, and I’m proud to have built a thriving online community where I teach sign language to thousands of students worldwide.

Through my online courses, monthly membership program, DVDs and my deaf awareness book, I help break down communication barriers so deaf & hearing people can connect, easier.

I love helping people tick their bucket list and build better relationships with deaf family members, friends and colleagues … and don’t forget, add to their repertoire of skills!

Sign language doesn’t have to be difficult to learn.

I provide practical, foundational elements of sign language you can use immediately. You will discover how consistent action and baby steps will make communicating with deaf people much easier, which means no overwhelm!




How did #lisamillsonline begin?

In 2015, I made a massive shift to focus on a big gap I saw missing in the world of learning sign language.

I launched an online program to help people access sign language tuition immediately without the constraints of time, place, money, children or formal assessments.

My students love having access to our activities, tools, and the teaching support so they can sign, sooner, with greater confidence!

“If anything is worth doing, do it with your heart”

I’m passionate about what I do. And my mission is simple: make learning sign language fun, easy and accessible.

My online school was built with this philosophy in mind.

Lots of deaf people experience poor mental health and frustration due to communication and isolation barriers.

By learning sign language you are breaking down the barriers and making a huge difference.

Together, we can create a more inclusive and embracing community!

Lisa at heart ...

I’m a true adventurer at heart. I love traveling the world and exploring different cultures with my wonderful family.

Yoga is another passion of mine. I hold international deaf yoga retreats & study yoga to add to my list of teaching certificates & qualifications. Yoga and meditation help me stay focused and calm when life gets busy.

You can also find me walking the dogs, looking after orphaned lambs, and hanging out with my loved ones.

I like to keep things simple, dream big, and take consistent action to achieve my goals! I like to practise gratitude, kindness & spread my love of sign language & deaf awareness wherever I go.

Lisa Mills

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Contact Lisa & Team Lisa:  

To get in touch with Lisa, contact Team Lisa at hello@lisamillsonline.com
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