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Brilliant course. This is the best present I've had the privilege to give myself. Lisa, you are amazing and make BSL so easy to learn. I'm proud you're my teacher. Really proud.

Susan Sharples, BSL

I am thoroughly enjoying learning Auslan. Thank you Lisa for creating this course. The videos in particular make a massive difference. I'm only a little way through this course so far, but I have learnt a lot in just that short time! 😊

Kathryn Reid, Auslan
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Yesterday, I was with a friend at the ER of a local hospital. While I was at the waiting room, a man came in and a sign language interpreter came out to help him talk to the nurse. When he sat down, I started talking to him - in sign language! While we both did a fair bit of fingerspelling, we were able to have a detailed conversation. It was great!

It was so good to just be able to have a casual, relaxed conversation with him - where we both understood each other. So, thank you Lisa. What you are doing is making a huge difference. I wish you all the best.

Michelle Tetley, Auslan

I was able to have a conversation with someone who works at my local Woolies and is hearing impaired. I initiated signing, "Hello, I'm practicing Auslan," and we were able to talk about our children and how long she worked there. It feels great to be able to connect and hopefully make her day a little more pleasant. Others in the queue were watching us, and I hope it makes them think more about engaging with deaf community.

Joanne King, Auslan
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Was able to use Auslan for the first time today!

I volunteer in a nursing home and I was able to say to a resident:
"Hi my name is Lucy"
"I am slowly learning Auslan"
"It’s lovely to meet you"
"How are you today?" and
"I am 20 years old" (to which she replied, "You’re a baby!")

The staff said that they hadn’t seen her that happy in weeks.

Lucinda Marinelli, Auslan

I was so pleased that today at church I was able to sign to a deaf man and we could understand each other! When I couldn't remember the sign, I could fingerspell. I am working through the course very slowly but it's helping me get the words to stick in my brain.

Julianne Ryan, Auslan
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 This course came in handy today. I work with a young child on the Autism spectrum. While he is normally verbal, as he starts to melt down he becomes non-verbal. We learnt the signs for yes, no, and chickens please today so that he can tell us what he needs.

Stacey Hardaker, Auslan

My 5-year-old is autistic. Her therapists use Auslan with her, plus she is starting kindy this year at an Aspect school where they will also be using sign. After seeing how well she responds and learns using Auslan, I know it’s going to help us all with me learning it!

Belinda Khoshaba, Auslan
lisa pollard.png

This morning, I met the father of one of the children at my childcare centre, who is deaf. I was able to sign 'Hello, How are you? My name is Lisa,' and the HUGE smile on his face and seeing him sign back to me was so heartwarming. Just a great moment, thank you for making it possible, Lisa Mills and team!

Lisa Pollard, Auslan
lea yanock.png

Just in case people need to know from someone who has completed both courses 1 and 2: Lisa Mills and her team make learning Auslan easy and fun. The printable books are easy to read that even my 8-year-old studies from them. So if you're looking to learn at your own pace in a fun, caring environment, then this is the course for YOU!

Lea Yanock, Auslan

I always wanted to learn Auslan. Especially when I began working in a Hearing Centre and discovered just how hard it can be to be understood. It's all anyone wants really - to be understood. This course is amazing, totally at your own pace, no deadlines, classes or pressure to keep up. The online community is wonderful and Lisa and her team are fantastic. So happy this course popped up in my news feed that day. I've enjoyed it and learned so much that 2 of my colleagues have joined as well!

Jade Amour, Auslan

I never knew that you could fall in love with a language but that's exactly what's happened for me. Learning Auslan has been a beautiful experience for me and I am so thankful to Lisa Mills and her incredible team for giving me the opportunity to learn and love this language!

Jennifer Scott, Auslan
angela curror.png

I LOVE this course. It's very easy to follow at our own pace and help is available if we have difficulties. I particularly like the fact that you can spend as long as you like working on it because it's all broken down into short lessons - if you just have a few minutes you can do just one section, or much more if you have more time. The videos are always available so it's great for revision. It's really good that you can connect with other people who are also learning. I highly recommend this course.

Angela Curror, BSL

Ease of learning in the comfort of my own home at my own pace. This course is fabulous! Thank you Lisa and the team.

Claire Meillam, BSL

I really enjoyed this course! It was set out logically and it was helpful being able to watch the videos multiple times to revise.

Kathryn Clark, Auslan
wooi tan.png

Hi Lisa, thanks for your wonderful signing tutorials. Auslan is a beautiful language! Loving it.

Wooi Tan, Auslan

I have really enjoyed this introduction not just to Auslan but to deaf culture. It has given me confidence to pursue further studies and to practice in the real world! I look forward to hearing about your future courses. Thanks.

Fiona Bottcher, Auslan

This course is great it clearly explains and shows you how to sign, so many different words to learn but i'm excited to continue.

Melanie Crighton, Auslan
cindi cadby.png

Loving the course. Having been able to recently use what I’ve learned so far was such a thrill.

Cindi Cadby, Auslan
deb paix.png

Brilliant course Lisa! Having the videos made it so much easier than just trying to read something on paper and copying. I look forward to the next course and hope to practice soon with some locals! thank you so much.

Deb Paix, Auslan

I'm a nurse manager and it's amazing to be able to reassure people, especially when everyone is wearing face masks!

Marisa Spice, BSL
leanne pole.png

Exciting times this week... I had a deaf customer that I was able to use some of my newfound knowledge of Auslan with!

Leanne Pole, Auslan

Lisa is amazing and the course is wonderful. I am learning so much and at my own pace.

Renee Simpson, Auslan
Keri Armstrong.png

This is a great course and worth every penny. It provides you with everything you need for a basic understanding and gives you the ability to start talking to people. The videos are detailed and clear, very easy to understand, and the printable handbook is a helpful addition. Lisa and her team are always on hand to help and the online group is full of people willing to help each other. I highly recommend this course.

Keri Armstrong, BSL

I love being able to learn at my own pace in my own time, yet still be part of a community online with the ability to meet up with other locals learning too. It’s the best of both worlds! My learning isn’t driven by someone else’s schedule or demands, yet I am not isolated in my learning (unless I want to be).

Lainey Smith, Auslan

I had two deaf customers come in yesterday and the look of joy on their face [when they found out] that I was trying to learn [sign language] was fantastic and made my day.

Bec Nightingale, Auslan
lea yanock.png

This course, is fun, easy, and relaxing! I'm also sharing my newfound knowledge with our 8-year-old daughter, so as you can see, the lessons are easy to understand and follow along with. This is a great opportunity and not one to pass up. And for everyone to know, I'm a paying customer, I'm not part of the Lisa Mills team. Just a very happy customer!

Lea Yanock, Auslan

Love it, love it. Easily understood, videos are simple to follow, go at your own pace, great group of students who encourage and support each others progress. Definitely a must if you want to learn BSL. I recommend this course with confidence.

Audrey Smith, BSL

I'm a photographer and work a lot in schools and nurseries. Over the years, I have photographed some children and families who use BSL. As you can imagine it would be so much easier for me and more comfortable for them if we could communicate. I love my job and hope this makes some of my wee people happier and more relaxed when they visit for photos! Thanks for the course, I am really enjoying working my way through it.

Sheena Lander, BSL

I've really enjoyed both of these courses and have signed up for the new memebership course too! It's been hard work with a lot of practicing but it's been worth. I've really recommend it to friends and I'm hoping they will sign up and we can practice together. Thank you so much Lisa for reigniting my passion for BSL. I can't wait to start the new membership course!

Marian Muir, BSL

Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for helping me learn sign language! The course is excellent and will help me a lot in the near future as I train to work as a teaching assistant alongside some deaf children! It will allow me to communicate and interact more and I'm really grateful for this! Thank you once again.

Louise Corkhill, BSL

I work in a nursery. We have a deaf parent who isn’t oral, and I’m able to have basic conversations with her and communicate how her child has been! So glad to be a part of this.

Ellie Mitchell, BSL

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this course - had a small “sign chat” with my daughter at bed time after she’d taken her hearing aids out. Feeling very inspired now.

Katherine White, BSL

Just finished course 1 today and have loved it. I am an intervener for Deafblind children in a special needs school with students who have a range of disabilities and communication difficulties and have used Makaton for years. I have just begun working with a young lady who is profoundly deaf and I'm now looking to learn BSL. This has been a great introduction and I look forward to course 2 to learn about the grammar! Thank you!

Crystel Deanna, BSL
kristy hannam.png

I've been a bit embarrassed to tell my baker I've been learning to sign until I got more confident, but it just happened today. I asked her to do something for me using a few signed words while fingerspelling the ones I didn't know. With the biggest smile she mouthed, "Are you signing?" I signed, "Yes, learning Auslan." She signed thank you and walked away with a huge smile. She was in the best mood for the rest of her shift. Felt good to include her in communicating!

Kristy Hannam , Auslan

Thank you for letting me join this group. I’ve been wanting to learn BSL for many years and still remember finger signing when I was a St John cadet. I’m now in South East Coast Ambulance Service as an Emergency Technician and know that having this skill will very much help with communicating with deaf and hard of hearing patients. I too have hearing loss in one ear and wear a hearing aid but feel this will more than likely benefit me later on in my life.

Jo Russell, BSL

Explained so well and done at your own pace. I'm loving this! Best money ever spent!

Beck MacKenzie, Auslan

Lisa makes it so easy to learn. I can learn at my own pace, and repeat the lessons if needed, or even go back for review. They are easy to access anytime, and I would certainly recommend Auslan Online for anyone wanting to learn sign language. Thanks Lisa for making it so easy to learn.

Heather Morton, Auslan

I'm loving the course! The student handbook is really clear and the online demonstrations are so user friendly. There's so much extra support if you want it too with very quick responses from the team. You can go back over it as many times as you want so it suits all paces.

Sheena Gough, BSL

Great course I would recommend it to every one thanks Lisa.

Keith Walker, Auslan