This course, is fun, easy and relaxing!

“Just in case people need to know from someone who has completed both levels 1 and 2. Lisa Mills and her team make learning Auslan easy and fun. The printable books are easy to read that even my 8 year old studies from them. So if you're looking to learn at your own pace. and wanting to learn in a fun, caring environment, then this is the course for YOU!!!

This course is made to allow you to learn at your own pace, you get live videos from wonderful people like James. I personally signed up because I want to learn for personal reasons. This course, is fun, easy and relaxing!!! They are easy to understand and follow along. This is a great opportunity and not one to pass up. And for everyone to know, I'm a paying customer, I'm not part of the Lisa Mills team. Just a very happy customer!!!

- Lea Yanock, Auslan